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There are many potential problems with garage doors, but the most common problem is the failure of one of the garage door springs. Torsion springs, which run along a bar above a closed door should never be replaced by a homeowner unless they have had specific training. To solve broken spring problems just give us a call at 706-408-0717. We are always available for free phone consultations and we love helping people fix their garage doors.

Garage Door Repair

There are both residential and commercial garage doors.

Usually residential doors are broken down into sections and when open are parallel to the ground. Another common type of residential garage door is the tilt up door.

A Tilt up door is all one piece and just like the name implies tilts up along tracks when the door is opened. A tilt up garage door is also parallel to the ground when it is open, but requires a little more room in which to operate, because the door moves up and out, away from the garage when it is motion.

Commercial garage doors may not be for garages at all,

but attached to the walls of buildings such as in warehouses or the backs of retail stores. These are usually roll up doors and they are often adjacent to loading docks.

A roll up door has many sections, depending on its height and rolls up around a bar at the top of the door opening. That means that the track that the door operates in is entirely different than that of a residential door. It has no horizontal portion of track.

Garage doors are everywhere. They are found in people’s homes, farms, repair shops, storage facilities and car repair shops.

You can buy a garage door through a local garage door company, on the Internet and even at the big box retain home improvement stores and discount membership clubs.

At this time advancements in technology and styles of garage doors have made them very cost effective. You can find single garage doorways, double garage doorways, and a combination of single and double garage doors installed in many homes and businesses.

Regardless of the weather such as rain, snow, sleet and high winds you can open your garage door with ease with the technology of the garage door opener. Most garage door openers are mounted to the ceiling of the garage. By a push of the button from a box that is mounted inside or outside of your garage you can open or close your garage door with ease.

Garage door opener companies have made it even easier to open or close your garage. They provide wireless remotes so you can open your door from your car as you approach your driveway.

Remotes can also be used for opening gates using similar technology.

With currently available materials and technology, garage doors can be repaired very easily. Some of the repairs you may be able to do yourself.

However it is recommended that the majority of the repairs be done by professionals. This is because there are extremely powerful springs that are used as a counterweight against the weight of the garage door.

If the springs break or the cables become loose or broken you will need a professional to repair it. This is a very tricky and dangerous to repair to do yourself. It requires special equipment that is used by professionals and cannot be purchased in a local hardware store. It also requires special training.

Garage doors have changed tremendously over the years. In both residential and commercial use they have become more durable, stylish, and convenient. They also have become affordable, easy to find and convenient to open or close.

Today’s doors are made lighter in weight which allows less spring tension and they are often more affordable. Doors can be installed with insulation to cut down on fuel costs. This helps because so many homes now have attached garages. At one time the doors would just go up and down. Current technology now makes it possible to literally stop a door in its tracks if something is in the way of the door.

Garage doors and the electronics associated with them have become truly modern miracles. They have become so convenient and so reliable that most people forget about their presence in our lives until they no longer work.

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